The International Language Classes


The International Language Classes are for foreign-speaking children from the Haarlemmermeer. This concerns children aged 4 to 12 who come directly from abroad or who have lived in the Netherlands for less than one year, and who do not yet have a sufficient command of the Dutch language to enter regular education.

At the moment we have 6 language classes, classified by age. There are approximately 15 children in all groups. In addition to a teacher, each group has a teaching assistant who supports the group.

Pupils living further away from the IKC may qualify for transport. Pupils who live further from the IKC may be eligible for transport. For more information and application, you can consult the website of the municipality. The following link opens in a separate window:


The aim of the International Language Class is that after about one year, children move on to a regular primary school (or secondary school) and start in a group with peers.
To do this, the children must master the oral and written language in such a way that they can function in that group. Sometimes with its own program. At the start of education for non-Dutch speaking children, goals are set for each child. These goals will be offered in about a year. As soon as the set goals have been achieved, the children go to regular education.

All children who start in our language classes speak and hardly understand Dutch.
Educational offer
The lessons that are given:
- Dutch as a second language acquisition
- To calculate
- Technical reading
- Reading comprehension
- Spelling
- To write
- World orientation
- Socio-emotional education
- Music
- Visual arts
- Gymnastics
- ICT: all children learn how to use a tablet.

Registration procedure

Children who have been in the Netherlands for less than 1 year can be registered at our school. After registration there will be an intake interview for the language classes. During this conversation, the parents and children are told how everything works. In addition, they are given a tour of the school.
After this registration, the children are divided into a group. The teacher sets the goals for the child together with the internal counselor.

To regular education

After about a year, the children return to regular primary education, to ISK secondary education or to regular secondary education.
Parents are included in discussions about the next steps. If the children return to a regular primary school, a number of adaptation days will be agreed in consultation with the regular school. After that, the switch will become definitive. The internal counselor of the language classes will ensure a good transfer together with the teacher.